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The Winnipeg-based law firm of Simmonds and Associates was formed by Saul Simmonds, and he brought together a team of lawyers who are dedicated exclusively to the practice of criminal defence law.

Our team offers decades of legal experience, having represented thousands of clients in Manitoba and across Canada. Our clients across Western Canada benefit from our veteran savvy, youthful energy, and a dynamic culture of debate, mentorship, and a celebration of collective wisdom.

Over 40 Years of Guiding Canadians Through Criminal Matters 

When hiring Simmonds and associates, you are hiring a team that is working collaboratively to ensure an up to date, innovative, defence that concentrates on achieving the best result for each client.

Many cases require more than one counsel to address the complexities of modern Canadian Criminal Law. Combining years of experience and life skills with fresh, modern ideas is the only way to provide legal innovation, such that every client has the benefit of both experience and insight.

As the law changes it is imperative that lawyers adapt and change as quickly. Our team works collaboratively to provide a modern defence in an ever-changing world. Each case is evaluated based upon new legislation in the areas of impaired driving, sexual assault, cannabis and drugs, search and seizure, or complicated self-defence or murders. Communication and education are key.

Leading Criminal Law Firm in Winnipeg

Trust one of the top criminal defence teams across Canada to safeguard your rights. Our criminal lawyers in Winnipeg have:

  • Received the ‘Award of Merit for excellence in the practice of criminal defence law’ (Criminal Defence Lawyers Association of Manitoba)
  • Been twice recognized as ‘Lawyer of the Year’ by Best Lawyers®
  • Successfully defended clients at all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada

Criminal Lawyers in Winnipeg Raising the Bar for Criminal Defence

As proud members of the legal profession, our lawyers are passionate about the law and have made significant contributions to its study, practice, and evolution. We don’t focus on making headlines; we focus on making a difference for our clients.

Simmonds and Associates is a caring team that understands that you need your matter addressed completely, and as effectively as possible. Our lawyers have and accomplished track record, a solid reputation, and a deep understanding of Canadian criminal law. It’s that combination of experience, compassion, savvy, exuberance and skill that underpins our unwavering effort to deliver the best possible result for your case. Our office is dedicated to treating you with respect from start to finish.

Simmonds and Associates is comprised of Saul Simmonds, Katherine Bueti, Alex Steigerwald, Adam Hodge, Adam Pinx, Chelsea Suderman, and Jessie Brar—a team of passionate Manitoba lawyers committed to providing you with a strong innovative defence.  

Receive Practical Advice and Formidable Defence From a Trusted Criminal Law Firm in Winnipeg 

Criminal charges, no matter how small, can seem daunting and life-altering. And they can be–if you don’t have the right legal counsel representing you.

Book a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case with experienced criminal lawyers in Winnipeg. We’ll tell you what your next steps should be, and help you achieve your ideal results. 

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