Bail Hearings

If you are facing a bail hearing, the lawyers at Simmonds and Associates will work to ensure you get the best representation possible.

When you are charged with an offence you may be released on a notice of appearance. Sometimes defence council can speak to the police officers upon arrest to assist in securing early release. If you are held in custody, you are entitled to make an application for judicial interim release, or bail, before a judge. This requires preparation and assessment by your council.

Being released on bail often means that you will have to abide by a set of conditions. Those conditions may include that you, or someone close to you, will need to provide financial security to the court that you will respect those conditions.

Your right to choice of council is integral to your defence. Therefore, choosing the right lawyer also is an extremely important element to putting your case forward. Our lawyers will collect the information to represent the best bail plan we can put before a judge to increase the likelihood or your release. Recent decisions from the Supreme Court of Canada have addressed these issues. If you have recently been denied bail, there are methods to appeal these decisions

If you are not satisfied with any part of the judge’s bail decision, it may be possible to take the matter to a higher court on your behalf, a process known as a bail review. Our goal is to ensure that your rights are respected. We hold the criminal justice system to the highest possible standards.

Our team will work with your resources on the outside, family, or friends to create a path for your release. As a person can be on bail for a long time, we will continue to work with you after your release to minimize the stresses of your bail. Things change after release and good council will make every effort to the change the bail conditions with them.