Domestic Assault Lawyer Winnipeg

If you’re facing an assault charge, you need a top assault lawyer in Winnipeg on your side to ensure that best possible outcome.

Your Simmonds and Associates lawyer will defend you vigorously against any assault-related charges including assault, assault with a weapon, aggravated assault, and uttering threats.

Defend Yourself With Experienced Criminal Lawyers in Winnipeg

The laws governing assault charges are complicated and difficult to navigate; that’s why you need an experienced criminal lawyer in Winnipeg. That way, you can ensure your defence is thorough and complete.

Were you engaging in an act of self-defence? Were you defending another person or your property? Were you acting out of reflex? Were you acting with intent?

As one a leading criminal law firm in Winnipeg, we will hold the prosecution to the highest possible standards and explore every possible avenue for your defence.

Full-Service Criminal Law Firm in Winnipeg

In the modern world, assisting in a defence requires your team to investigate, which means speaking to witnesses, viewing video, seeking texts or email, or collecting any info that may augment your defence.

You need to be prepared. Most assault cases will include taking the stand to tell your story. We will assist in preparing you both to tell your story, and to answer questions posed by the Prosecution or the court.

Maximize Your Chances of Success With Leading Assault Lawyers in Winnipeg

You can’t afford to put your future on the line with a shoddy defence. That’s why our criminal law firm in Winnipeg will cut no corners in preparing your case. If you are in need of a premier assault lawyer in Winnipeg, get in touch today.

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