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Domestic violence can occur under a broad spectrum of personal relationships. An act of domestic violence can take place between a currently married couple; an estranged, separated or divorced couple; in common-law relationships; or between boyfriends, girlfriends, and same-sex partners. Domestic violence allegations also arise between siblings, parents and children, and even extended family members.

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The difficult and complex nature of domestic violence necessitates that you have a top criminal lawyer in Winnipeg to help you through these trying times. We’ll ensure that your case is well-researched, carried out professionally, and conducted in such a way as to have the highest possibility to reach your desired outcome.

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Many cases of domestic violence have history, which can be an integral part of the defence. At Simmonds and Associates, we will listen to the background of the relationship, and the scope of your experience. 

Your domestic violence lawyer in Winnipeg leading your defence in these cases needs a complete understanding of the complex relationships history. False allegations occur frequently when emotion enters into the equation. 

A person has a right to defend themselves within reason, and perspective is important. As a top criminal law firm in Winnipeg, we understand all these elements, and use our extensive knowledge and expertise to prepare the strongest possible defence.

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These types of cases can be exceptionally complicated because, quite often, there are children involved, which can increase the stress of a domestic matter. Your lawyer from Simmonds and Associates will approach your case with compassion and assist you in focusing on the facts, the evidence, and your rights as the accused.

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