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With the legal landscape surrounding drugs evolving, you need a drug offences lawyer in Winnipeg with a deep understanding of the current legal framework.

Defending You in Marijuana-Related Cases

Marijuana has been decriminalised in Canada, but its sale and use are highly regulated. This area of the law is new and evolving, and our experience will help guide you through and prepare a defence if you have been charged under the Cannabis Act, 2018. 

If your home, vehicle, or person has been searched and you require advice, contact us now; we are a leading criminal law firm in Winnipeg dedicated to getting you the best possible outcome.

Drug Offences Lawyers in Winnipeg Safeguarding Your Rights

The two main elements of possession are knowledge and control. If you don’t have knowledge you are not in possession. If you don’t have control you are not in possession. These are the starting points of a legal defence, and your criminal lawyer in Winnipeg from Simmonds and Associates will work tirelessly to establish a strong defence.

The vast majority of drug offences are intertwined with attacking the search warrant where one exists or the search itself. There are many elements to these defences, and in particular, breaches of the Canadian Charter. 

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You need a drug offences lawyer in Winnipeg who has experience defending these cases. The nature of the drug is also important. The courts treat marijuana, cocaine, fentanyl, and meth differently from one another. 

The differences between simple possession and trafficking are marked. Not only is your defence important, but so too is possible sentencing. The preparation for any of these trials or hearings is substantial and requires collaboration between you and your lawyer.

This is part of the reason, that counsel that are apprised of the differences throughout the country, can make the difference between winning or losing, or higher or lower sentences. In many cases, our lawyers can assist you in diverting your case from the criminal courts to drug treatment court, treatment programs, or other methods of diversion.

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The lawyers at Simmonds and Associates will defend you vigorously against any charges under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, including possession, production, trafficking, importing, and exporting. We are a leading criminal law firm in Winnipeg that knows how to protect your rights.

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