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If you have been charged under the Highway Traffic Act, for such offences as speeding or driving while uninsured, the lawyers at Simmonds and Associates can help you navigate the court processes. Even if you are not facing criminal charges, the penalties can be severe and may limit your ability to maintain your driver’s license, which could affect your employment!

Your experienced Highway Traffic Act lawyer in Winnipeg will leverage their extensive knowledge of the law in your defence, ensuring you attain the most ideal outcomes for you. 

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If you are caught with drugs in your vehicle, intentionally destroy a vehicle, or face certain additional charges, you can have your license suspended. That’s why you need an experienced lawyer who can help you understand the potential results and consequences of Highway Traffic offences, in order to avoid them and better make your case. 

We can also assist you before a show cause hearing, help you reinstate your license before the license suspension appeal board, or to help muster your defence when you receive a serious offence notice.

Driving is not only a privilege, but a necessity for many working people and parents. Different offences result in different consequences to your license, which can significantly impact your employment, picking up your kids, or even just day-to-day living – you don’t have to let the court necessarily strip you of your license when you have our team of Highway Traffic Act lawyers in Winnipeg on your side.

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Sometimes an accident is just an accident. However, there are charges under the Highway Traffic Act that can have long-term impacts on your ability to drive, such as careless driving causing death, careless driving causing bodily harm, driving 50 kilometres per hour above the speed limit, in addition to others. 

Having counsel who understands the intricacies of the Act ensures that your license remains in good standing, and where suspended, it is only suspended for the shortest possible period of time.

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