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Understanding the types of charges you face is critical to mounting a robust legal defence; that’s exactly what you’ll receive with Simmonds and Associates as your homicide lawyer in Winnipeg.

Understand Murder Charges in Manitoba

Murder charges can be laid in the first-degree or the second-degree.

First-degree murder is a deliberate, pre-meditated act. Other scenarios that can give rise to a charge of first-degree murder include: contracted killings; a murder that happens while committing, or attempting to commit, a sexual assault; a murder that happens during a hostage taking; and a murder committed in conjunction with other crimes.

Second-degree murder is any intentional killing that is not deemed first-degree.

Having an expert murder lawyer in Winnipeg that has a comprehensive understanding of the nuances can help ensure you are able to achieve the ideal outcomes in your case.

Trusted Manslaughter Lawyers in Winnipeg

Manslaughter is the charge that is a laid when someone’s culpability in someone’s death cannot be defined as a murder. It is a lesser charge than murder. Your manslaughter lawyer in Winnipeg needs to have a deep understanding of the nuances in the law that can help you avoid facing inappropriate charges.

You Need Experienced Murder Lawyers in Winnipeg to Defend You

These are amongst the most serious offences under the criminal code. They are prosecuted by the most zealous and skilled prosecutors. Your homicide lawyer in Winnipeg requires expert cross-examination skills, a full knowledge of the law, and the ability to employ legal nuances to increase the likelihood of success. 

Whether it is an issue of self-defence, provocation, drunkenness, or lack of intent, these defences must be pursued with zeal and skill.

Often the prosecution uses expert witnesses in areas like pathology, DNA, Psychiatry, interrogation techniques, or other areas of medicine. Your council needs to be prepared on all fronts. Access to experts and the ability to cross-examine in any area of expert witnesses can be crucial to a successful outcome. 

Many of these cases proceed before juries and require a comprehensive understanding of the jury system. No two cases are alike, so you need a criminal law firm in Winnipeg that is adaptable and experienced.

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Our criminal law firm in Winnipeg brings vast experience defending homicide cases, and it is imperative that you have a criminal defence lawyer working for you who knows how to defend your rights!

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