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If arrested for driving while suspected of being drunk or high or if arrested for dangerous driving, remember that you have the right to hire an impaired driving lawyer in Winnipeg to speak on your behalf. 

If you have been charged with impaired driving or dangerous driving in Winnipeg, Manitoba, or anywhere else in Canada, contact us now.

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If you have been pulled over by the police because they believed that you were driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol, you need an experienced drunk driving lawyer in Winnipeg. 

Simmonds and Associates are among the leading DUI lawyers in Winnipeg and we will vigorously defend you with every legal option available. We care about your rights and the impact this event may have on your life, your ability to drive in the future, and your criminal record.

Our DUI Lawyers in Winnipeg Have Been Protecting Manitobans for Over 40 Years

Allegations of driving impaired or dangerously where an accident was involved may put you in greater jeopardy. In addition to property damage, the accident could have led to more serious results that have resulted in charges of impaired driving or dangerous driving causing bodily harm or death.

The consequences of a conviction for these charges can be quite serious. As experienced dangerous driving lawyers in Winnipeg, we have the knowledge to help you through this difficult time and provide you with the best defence possible.

Impaired Driving Lawyers in Winnipeg Who Understand Your Priorities

Saul Simmonds, Kathy Bueti, Alex Steigerwald, Adam Hodge, Adam Pinx, Chelsea Suderman, and Jessie Brar are members of the Simmonds and Associates team – DUI and dangerous driving lawyers in Winnipeg committed to providing you with a strong innovative defence. Together, we form one of the leading criminal law firms in Winnipeg with hundreds of clients successfully represented.

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