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A quasi-criminal offence is an offence not covered by the Criminal Code or the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Such matters could be covered by other federal, provincial, or municipal laws. Despite being of potentially lesser severity, the consequences of a judgement can still be life-altering.

Don’t Take Quasi-Criminal Offences Lightly

Don’t be fooled by the name: quasi-criminal offences can still mean crippling penalties if you are not able to properly mount a convincing defence. And in order to accomplish that, you need a criminal law firm in Winnipeg that has the expertise and talent necessary to protect your rights.

Work With Experienced Quasi-Criminal Offences Lawyers in Winnipeg

Quasi-criminal offences may be related to zoning violations, workplace health and safety issues, and employment standards, among others.

Court processes for these types of offences may be more or less complicated than a criminal charge, depending on the laws involved. However, the penalties can still be quite severe. It is essential that you have a capable criminal lawyer in Winnipeg mounting a strong defense of your rights.

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